So, What is this all about?

These notes are from our own "Chicken Man":  Jim Tullos

I've been asked a lot recently about the upcoming ski season.  Many of you understand how it all works, but there are a few that don't so I'm going to give you some "info" that will help you out.  By no means is this "official", it is just MY spin on what you can expect and how I view things.

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Typical Ski Week Events Schedule

Most NAASF ski weeks have a very similar schedule.  You can verify the events, but this is good for planning purposes.

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Dan RigterinkPresident

BOS B737 Captain Retired

Julie Molano - Vice President

DFW Flight Attendant

Greg Gilger - Secretary/Treasurer

CLT A320 Captain

Nathan Green - Website Manager

DFW B787 First Officer

Kent "KJ" Johnson - A Team Captain

DFW B787 Captain

Steve Amoia - B Team Captain

B737 Captain Retired

Dennis Mellon - Snowboard Captain

DIA Line Mechanic

Jim Tullos - Social Director

DFW B777 Captain Retired

Kati Conti - Communications

ORD Flight Service Manager

Jim Hershey - Uniforms

PHL A320 Captain



Prior to 2001 the AA Ski Team did not have a "President"  The team was managed by an elected official dubbed to be the Secretary/Treasurer. In 2000 it was decided to elect leaders to be the Vice President for one year and then be the President for the next year, thus completing a 2 year commitment to serve the team.

Here is a list of those who have been generous enough to dedicate their time and talent to serve as VP and then President for the AA Ski Team since 2001.

1989-1990     Ray/Jan Mackown

1990-1991     Joanie Baretto
1991-1992     Frank Onstadt
1998-2000     Steve Amoia
2000-2001     Gail Head
2001-2002     Kelly Rudy
2002-2003     Jerry Lenseth
2003-2004     Jim Tullos
2004-2005     Jana Sinn

2005-2006     G.T. Alexander

2006-2007     Mark Ralston
2007-2008     Tom Stone
2008-2009     Earl Weintraub
2009-2010     Jennifer Naylor
2010-2011     John Jarnagin

2011-2012     Rick Schreiner
2012-2013     Rachel Rueter
2013-2014     John Mertes
2014-2015     John Quinn

2015-2017     Kent Johnson

2017-2018     Ted Rutherford
2018-2019     Nathan Green
2019-2020     Bob Antal
2020-2021     Danielle Honore
2021-2022     Dan Rigterink

Records are a little hard to come by, but here is a partial list of those that we know served in the leadership positions prior to 1989.

John Hindrum (circa 1975)
Bill Clark (circa 1977)
Dave Rosol  (circa 1978)
Brooks Dyer (circa 1979)
Bob Powers
Dave Gorrrell
Scott Chan

If you know of others, please send us your input, Thanks

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