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So, What is this all about?  (continued)

First let me explain the "organizations".  
North American Airline Ski Federation (NAASF) is an organization comprised of Teams or Clubs from virtually all of the airlines in North American (American, Delta, United, Fedex, Southwest, NetJet, Skywest, etc).  These Teams/Clubs are comprised of airline employees/retirees and their families.  
NAASF currently sanctions three ski weeks each season at a variety of resorts around North America where the member Team/Clubs compete in Snowboard and Ski Racing, Partying, and Free Skiing.  Those that want to race have the opportunity, but those that don't are welcome to come cheer for your favorite team or just enjoy the mountain at your own pace.
The NAASF Ski Weeks offer some of the most affordable ski/riding possible.  As a general rule, the NAASF contracted rates offer slope side or near slope side lodging at discounted prices, Lift Ticket Prices for about 50% of rack rate, and a variety of discounts on rentals and purchases around the resorts.   It is rare that you will find a less expensive way to have a ski week.
NAASF charges a registration fee for the week which is usually approximately $170.  This allows you the discounted lodging, lift tickets, discounts, and allows you to attend all the week's events/parties and racing.  It is a bargain for what you are paying.
All of the NAASF Weeks are "Family Friendly".  The evening parties feature such adult entertainment as alcoholic beverages, live music, dancing, and costume parties, but families are welcome to ski, race, and enjoy the week.  Baby sitting services are available in most resorts so the adults can join in the evening activities.
Each Airline Team/Club (some like to be called Teams, others's a mute point as we all do the same thing) is managed differently, but they are all welcoming.  Most of Teams/Clubs have matching uniforms to identify their members.
The American Airlines Club is the largest and one of the most "structured".  The AA Club offers a "TED" (Team Event Director) service for each ski week.  The "TED" is the AA Club coordinator for the week.  He/she  is everyone's point of contact for that week.   He/she will attempt to hook people up to share rooms or condos and to share rides.  This is important to understand, because you do not have to try to find your own room mate or worry about having to rent your own car. 
The American Airlines and the United Airlines Clubs offer "training" in December each year.  United conducts their training in Copper Mountain.  I don't have all of their details, but you can visit the NAASF website to contact them directly.
It is VERY important to RSVP if you plan to attend a ski week.  During the training week this allows the resort to staff the instructors appropriately and during a normal ski week this allows the resort to plan food, staffing, and venues appropriately.
For those attending as an American Airlines employee/retiree or guest, once you become a member, please n
avigate to the ski week/s you plan to attend and complete the RSVP form.
The American Airlines Club holds their "Training Camp" the first week of December each year in Steamboat Springs, CO a the Billy Kidd Performance Center.  To participate in the full "camp" you arrive on Monday and ski/snowboard train Monday thru Thursday (but you can come early/stay late OR come for a shorter period if you need to).  I will personally guarantee that if you attend the AA Training Camp you 100% will be a better skier/rider after spending all day with one of our top coaches for four days in a row.  This instruction is priced at less than 50% of what the public pays for similar training.  
The Steamboat Grand is one of the nicest facilities in Steamboat.  It is directly across the street from the Gondola, offer free ski storage at the gondola area, and gives AA one heck of a good deal.  Those attending "Training Camp" pay less than $100/night for rooms (prices vary depending on the type of room) that the public pay upwards of $250/night for.  
Even though the "Training Camp" is an American Airlines Club event, it is open to all airlines and guests.  Historically we have Southwest, Delta, SkyWest, and a variety of other airlines represented.  Bottom Line, EVERYONE is welcome.  "Training Camp" is one of the best and safest ways to start your season.  

Once each year the NAASF team/clubs join with airlines from around the world for the World Airline Ski Championships (WASC) which is sanctioned by the International Airline Ski Federation (IASF).  IASF is comprise of teams representing the majority of airlines in the world.  The competition and parties are stepped up a little on the "world level", but the camaraderie remains the same.  
If you are NOT an Airline Employee/Retiree or family member, you will need a "sponsor" to attend a NAASF or IASF ski week.  This is usually just a matter of asking one of your airline friends to vouch for you.
So, I hope that helps you understand the structure (Teams/Clubs are members of NAASF and IASF).      

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