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This document is to help you register with the AA Ski & Snowboard Club and to help you make reservations with the Steamboat Grand and SnowSports School.  This is a Multi-Step process.  First you must register with the AA Ski & Snowboard Club THEN you can reserve and pay for your Steamboat Grand room, purchase lift tickets if needed, purchase Team Dinner, reserve and pay for Training Lessons, and reserve rental equipment.  If you are an AA Ski & Snowboard Club member, please login first so your membership credentials will auto-populate.

The following are detailed instructions with photos to help you navigate the registration process.

I know this “seems” pretty intuitive, but every year we get MANY questions and MANY of the same errors.  This an attempt to head off some of the common ERRORS.  If you follow these instructions EXACTLY, you won’t have any problems.


1. Register with the AA Ski & Snowboard Club

  • Login (AA Ski & Snowboard members)
  • From the home page select “SKI WEEKS” in the gray bar
  • Scroll down slightly and you will see Steamboat Training Camp

  • Click on “Steamboat Training Camp Details” – This will take you to a very intuitive and informative page to include all the discounted rates AND you will find another active link that says “Register here online with AA Ski & Snowboard Club”


  • You can go to registration directly by clicking  “Steamboat Training Camp Registration”  From this page, click on “AA Ski & Snowboard Club” – BEFORE YOU REGISTER......It is IMPORTANT to read the RED and YELLOW highlighted section and determine YOUR skill level (Snowboard or Ski).

  • AFTER you have determined your skill level, look to the left and “REGISTER” with the AA Ski and Snowboard Club.  
  • Once on the registration page, there are options for AA Employees/Retirees and for Non AA Employees/Retirees.
  • The rest if pretty intuitive.  You can also add GUESTS at the end of YOUR registration.  It is important to list ALL guests so that we have an idea of who/how many will be joining us.


2. Purchase with Steamboat Ski & Resort

  • This allows you to register and purchase lodging, team dinner, lesson, lift tickets, and rentals.
  • Click on “Steamboat Discounts”

  • When you click on “Steamboat Discounts” you will leave the AA Ski & Snowboard page and enter the Steamboat website.
    • Enter your Arrival and Departure Date (not the dates you plan to ski, but the dates you plan to ARRIVE and DEPART)
    • Enter the number of adults and children then select “Search package”
    • NOTE... You will need to select each item and put it into your "Package".  Once you have all of your items in your package, you can then add package to your cart and checkout.   Once you add a package into your cart, you cannot go back and select more items... If you do, you will then be on the non-AAS&SB discounted page.  If you have done this, you will need to go back to our website ( ski weeks training camp page / discount link and start over.

  • This will open the page with the AA Camp Specific Rates
  • NOTE... DO NOT use the Top uppermost menu. (they will give you the public rates).....use the links in the body of the page
  • NOTE... If you are using a smartphone you may only see "Lodging " and "AA Race Camp".  You will need to scroll right to see more options.

  • When Selecting Race Clinics (This really means Lessons) 
  • NOTE... The Ski vs. Snowboard Lessons and also the 1 day vs 3 day lessons.

Following these instructions you can:

  • Reserve rooms at the Steamboat Grand starting at $120/night
  • Purchase lift tickets for $76/day
  • Reserve and purchase “Race Clinics” for December 4-6.
  • Clinic Tickets are $160/day but a THREE DAY Clinic ticket is discounted to $330 
    • If you want a 4th day of training it can be purchased the the ticket office.  but be aware you may not have the same instructor.
  • Register for December 7th Race Only
    • If you have taken any lessons during the week, you can race on Thursday the 7th for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
    • Additionally, if you did NOT take any lessons and WANT to participate in the Race on Thursday the 7th, you can purchase a Race Only Registration for $40.


  • Register with AA (Step One) but NOT with the resort (Step Two) or vise versa.
  • Not determining your actual skill level before registering for camp.
  • On the Steamboat Resorts page using the links at the top of the page vs the links in the middle of the page.
  • Adding an Item to the package then adding the package to the cart before you are finished.

If you have further questions OR have room in your car for another person OR if you are looking for a ride OR if you need a bed OR if you have a bed open.....give me a call.  I will help you.  I will begin pairing room and ride mates up just after Thanksgiving.

Be Safe !!!  Have Fun !!!


Training Camp Coordinator


Jim Tullos,

AAS&SB Club Training Camp TED


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