Ski Week Review

2020/2021 End of year Review

The Year ended on a good note. First of all we survived COVID. It wasn't easy. There were new rules in effect, we had to modify ALL of our social plans, and not unexpected our numbers were down. But we made it through, and here are some of the good news stories.

1. American won all the competitive trophies thanks to some great performances from both old members, and new members.

2. American won the new Trophy called the "Shredders" Cup for the number one Snowboard Team.

3. We saw several new individuals show up and become avid members of the TEAAM!

4. For the first time ever, the "A" Mens Team took all the podium positions in the combined scoring for the last ski week of the year. Actually the American men took positions 1-7.

5. American's traditional Tuck Keleher "Bitch" tailgate party was the highlight of the year as it was outdoors, and we all kept COVID safe. See photo above.

So all in all we made the best of a difficult situation. Congrats to all, the Spirit of American is ALIVE and WELL!!! As we look ahead there are a lot of new things on the horizon. A full new schedule for 2022, with some different destinations. A new President, (Welcome Lt. Dan!), and hopefully a lot of new members that will come back for more next season. We are even planning a whole new website, so stay tuned for a complete makeover later this year. In the meantime, everyone stay SAFE and enjoy the Summer. We look forward to seeing you NEXT YEAR!

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