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Telluride & End of Year Recap

April 2024

(it's a long one but we had such a fun year!) 

Thank you for a GREAT Year! 

Another ski season has come to pass and although we didn’t bring home any trophies this year, we were winners with fun and friendships. Unfortunately, we had a lot of injuries this year and we hope our teAAm mates experience a speedy and full recovery.
It’s that time of year to pass the baton on to a new President and Vice President. Our current Vice President, Scott McKee was one of our injured this past year so he was not able to attend any of our events after Keystone. He would like another year as VP so our executive committee has decided to have a former president step in for one year as I will be stepping down. Please welcome and support Rick Schreiner as he steps back in to his role as president.
I would like to thank everyone on the executive committee and our event directors for all their help this year. It’s truly a teAAm effort. I especially want to thank Nathan Green for all of the work he does behind the scenes to keep our club running smoothly. The app he created for NAASF was a huge hit and I know he appreciates all of the support he gets from AA ski & snowboard for his efforts.
There are a few other changes coming next year as Greg Gilger will step down as secretary/treasurer and Dan Rigterink will take over. John Eidman will step in as the A team coach in place of "KJ" Johnson and Holly Lazzareschi will become the new Snowboard captain for Dennis Mellon.  Also, Cher Dawson will be stepping up to assist Ellen Garvey as B Team assistant and Doug Pinion will be lending a helping hand/brains to Nathan as website management.

Also our well deserved annual award winners are:

  • Kathy Lambert-Wood - John "Tuck" Keleher Spirit of American - 
  • Emme White - Honorary Mark Ralston - 
  • Ellen Wardrop - MVP - 
  • Kristin Carmichael - Most Improved -
These Ladies have done a superfantabulous job and I am sooo proud of them...  "Team American F*&K yeah!!!"
Thank you AA ski and snowboard for the love and support you have given me these past 3 years. I am so grateful for the friendship I have made through the club and I look forward to seeing you all at race camp in December.


Rick Schreiner – 2024-2025 President

As per the request of the current board of directors, I will assume the duties of "Interim President" at the end of the current ski year.

I have decided to call myself the "iPrez". Kind of like an iPad, or iPhone. I will assume the duties from Julie and continue to work with the current board, and work to help Scott McKee to get comfortable to take over at the end next year.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to President Julie Molano for her many years of service to the Club.

Along with all the other officer volunteers that have spent countless hours of their time to help make this Club work!

As we close this year I would like to leave you with two areas of thought.

RECRUITMENT! We need new younger members to join in on the fun. Anytime you talk to one of our fellow employees, ask them if they are a skier or boarder, then tell them of the fun we have. INVITE them to come visit.

VOLUNTEER! The only way this works is with the help of all the volunteers. We are NOT a cliquish club. EVERYONE is invited to participate and help out. If you would like to become more involved...Speak up! We would love to have you. Many hands make light work...and MORE FUN!

Have a safe Summer, we will be providing more information about future events and ideas.

Scott McKee – Vice President

I’m sorry my season came to an end before it even really started.  My Keystone injury is just about healed, so I’m very optimistic about next season.  Rick Schreiner has volunteered to take over from Julie, since I really didn’t get the experience needed to be your president for next year.  Thank you Rick, and a giant thank you to Julie (and her man behind the scenes Nathan)!  The success of our club, and our hopes of taking back all the NAASF honors really relies on our recruiting.  We have many new employees at AA, and we need to share our stories of great fun, great skiing, and shenanigans with them!  Hoping to see all of you, plus your recruits at Race Camp in December!

Greg Gilger – Secretary/Treasurer

Wrapping up the finances for this season. It’s truly been an honor being your guys secretary and treasure over the past 6 seasons. I’m happy to report the team has a positive balance sheet and a great inventory of all sorts of swag and jackets.

Already looking forward to next season. And for those thinking about volunteering, there’s always a need for help from the membership. It really is a group effort to keep this team organized and running as smooth at it does. Come take a look behind the curtain and see for yourselves. Cheers and have a safe and fun summer!

Jim Hershey  Uniform Coordinator

What a fantastic season we had!  2023-24 had awesome venues, terrific turnout and of course we were the best dressed team on the mountain!!

This year we added our new Karbon team jacket, which is a beautiful, functional jacket.  We sold 36 Karbon jackets.  A re-stock order was placed in March for delivery in November 2024.  Stock on the website store will be updated when we get closer to the fall jacket delivery.

We also added numerous AA ski branded bling items this year including goggle covers, lanyards, koozies, luggage grabbers, luggage tags and hockey jerseys.

All items are for sale on the website under the Club Information drop down menu, select Store.

We are working on a new hat for next season.

Please call, text or email with any questions.  My contact information is available on the website.

Have a great “Off Season”!

Ski you next year!

KJ Johnson - "A" Team Captain

The 2024 season has come to an end and I would not only like the thank our A team racers but our entire AA snow team. We gave it our all and we performed great. Unfortunately we came up a little short and finished in second place to Delta. I would like to congratulate Delta for a job well done.

A special shout out to A team racer Ellen Wardrop. Ellen was awarded the AA team MVP award this season. She raced in every alpine event this season and the Nordic races in Lenzerheide. She competed with a broken thumb and an injured shoulder which will require off season surgery. Great job Ellen and thanks for giving it your all.

A team member John Eidman has volunteered to take the A team captain position. John will take my position which I have held for the last 4 years. I would like to thank all of you for your support over that time and thank John for stepping up to lead the A team. Hope you all have a great summer and can’t wait to see you next season.

Ellen Garvey "B" team Captain

Hey Super Beeees, Telluride did not disappoint. What a great mountain!  I’m sure you all returned home with racoon tans… if not more!

Although we didn’t have the numbers we needed to BEAT DELTA this time, there’s hope!  Hope in the form of new racers who showed up and got the job done.  Give a shout out to Cher Dawson who took second place in slalom and then FIRST in GS. Cher has agreed to be my assistant as B team Captain, and will be actively recruiting young, fast skiers like herself as well as snowboarders.  Ten to twenty more wouldn’t be asking too much?

As for the men, we had a great showing by two new B racers, Jim Jeronimus and Ryan Twardowski!  Hope to see you back at ski camp and all of next season.  Although psyched to race, Rick Wilson will have to delay his debut to next season. Sorry about the crutches.  Heal quickly!

I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have skiing these gorgeous slopes together.  Have a great summer and, as Julie would say, Ski you in December!

Dennis Mellon "Snowboard" team Captain

Hey AA fellow sun worshipers. We had a blast in Telluride, the parties were amazing. Cameron Bass killed it for the Wednesday theme party. The costumes really stretched the imagination. The mid mountains lunches gave us ample sun to work on our tans. We even made a few shirtless laps. Hopefully Woody will share the video. On the competition side of things. Hollie finished out her near perfect year. She beat everyone. The fastest guy by a second and a half. She racked up 87 total team points for the season. Paula brown scored another 16 team points bringing her total for the year to 33. Not bad at all for 2 races... That put her in 7th place for the season. Jennifer Naylor had to miss this race, but her 18 team point sure did help. She had 16 individual points putting her in 17th for the season.

I finished the season with a 6th place finish, adding 20 team points to end the season with 57. Put me in 3rd place for the season. Jim finished right behind me gaining 19 points, bringing his season total to 51 individual points, which should have him in 5th place for the season. Just a quick FYI, team point and individual points can be different. Pedro Romero joined us for the racing and added 16 team points and 15 individual points points putting him in 19 overall for the season. New to our team was Ryan who for his first race did outstanding. He racked up 13 individual points putting him in a tie for 21st overall. Dan Henderson raced for us at Keystone. He scored 14 individual points. Putting him in 20th overall for the season . We also had Bob Stack join us in Steamboat. He scored 16 team points and 13 individual points putting him in a tie with our other first time racer Ryan for a 21st place finish.

How well did we do? well if,,, We could have ended the race after the first run,,,, all of us had all the Delta racers beat…. We would have put a bit of a dent into their lead.

So for the season we had 3 women racers and 6 men. Going into Telluride we were in 4th place behind Delta, United and Southwest. We ended up in 2nd place for the season and that is really awesome considering that Hollie was the only one of us that finished a race on the podium. Truly a team effort. Congratulations.

Looking forward to next year. I will be stepping down from being the Snowboard team captain. I’ve had a great run with many team victories. This certainly counts as one of them. Hollie has stepped up to take my place. If you know Hollie at all, the fun is about to double. The competition is getting tougher. Let’s get out there and recruit more people to have our kind of fun. Not just in the racing, but on the mountain and the parties as well. We are a big family, and we truly love seeing each other every year. Mark your calendars now... Japan is the most fun I’ve had OVER THE LAST 30 plus years. You don’t want to miss it. See yas at race/training camp.

Jim "Chicken-man" Tullos Social Director

Year End Chicken Scratch !!!

My ski and snowboard race performance was disappointing this year.  So I’ve consigned myself to accepting my primary value to the TeAAm is to make sure YOU have FUN !!!  Well, I’m trying !!!  If there is something YOU would like to see added to the “social” events, PLEASE contact me.

As you know by now we didn’t win the NAASF Cup.  We also didn’t win the Sponsor’s Cup.  AND…we didn’t win the Shredder Cup…..BUT we had one hell of a good time not winning!!!

We have some of the youngest and “hottest” new guys AND gals that came ready to PARTY….Thank you for making my job EASY.

Every week was loaded with parties, Apres Hours, and awards.  The WASC was one of the best week long parties of the year (thanks to everyone that made it soooo much fun). 

As for Telluride, WOW,  We moved the Welcome Party to Sunday enabling us to have one of the best Pub Crawls EVER on Monday.  If you didn’t get to Old Town Telluride, put it on the calendar for next year as we will have “T-Ride Crawl TWO”.  The “B” Party saw lots of “innovative” costumes and Cameron played great dancing music, keeping the dance floor packed.   Well the dancing was great for MOST, but Mer (Jet Blue), the girl that piggybacks 220lb men, was taken down by bubble residue and twisted her ankle….get well soon Mer!!  Sunning and commiserating at Gorrono Ranch was super fun every afternoon.

Who would have thought that our very own straight laced Astronaut MacGyver has such a sense of humor and prankster.  Prank was on ME….they had me conduct a blind auction for a  “high dollar” item….which unbenounced to me was MY Chicken hat (yes, I was surprised). 

Next year’s NAASF and IASF line up is great.  Steamboat (Training Camp AND NAASF Ski Week), Big Ski, Niseko Japan, and Telluride... So start your planning NOW… Lets hone our race skills, bring two (or more) NEW friends, and put on our party shoes/hats!!!

I hope everyone has a great summer.  I know I will… traveling to Tahiti, Cozumel, Florida, and BVI… I hope to see many of you over the summer… come join the fun.

Be Safe !!!  Have Fun !!!

Jim “Chickenman”

Social Director


Nathan Green Website Manager

Thank you all for a wonderful winter sports season.  The snow was amuuuaaazing!! so plentiful that one of our NAASF GS races had to be delayed and the WASC GS had to be shortened.

I am super-stoked that so many people are stepping up and volunteering to help bring fresh ideas, continuing to move this club in the right direction.  Doug Pinion is one of those volunteers... Doug has agreed to come aboard and help with managing the website. I am convinced his guidance and expertise will help the website become more intuitive and streamlined.  He has an extensive background working with APA scheduling I.T. and was key in developing the AA pilot Preferential Bidding System (PBS).  Doug is a long time member of the club will be a great asset in this position.  Thanks a Bazillion!!!

If you have any ideas that would enhance or improve our website, please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know.

Have a Bitchin' Summer and I will see you at Training Camp!!

Spirit of American "Tuck" Award recipient 2024

Kathy Lambert-Wood

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