Palisades and End of Year Recap

Hello AA Skiers and Boarders,

It's a bittersweet end to our first post Covid season. It was great seeing everyone. Team dinners went well and we got our skiing in. Taos, Telluride and Tahoe were quite the mix. 

I congratulated Mike Pearson, Delta Team Captain, at the Tahoe Awards dinner for his team beating us for the Shredder Cup and the NAASF Cup. Our A team was able to prevail for the Bob Powers Cup.

Our A team had 4 out of top 10 for women and 4 out of the top 10 men. Our B women had 5 out of the top 10 and the B men had 2 out of the top 10. Snowboarders had 3 of the top 10 women and 4 out of the top 10 men. We were close and we'll be back next season stronger than ever.

We also enjoyed watching the Delta team pay off their Telluride bet on Julie's Gold run at Tahoe led by Are Johnson in a bright red speedo. I think it probably was a good team building event for Delta.

Again congratulations to our MVPs, Holly Lazzareschi and Cal Heard, and our most improved team member Maggie Mohr. These folks were nominated and voted on by their team Captains. I'll let the individual team Captains detail their high point earners. We also acknowledge the folks that have been competing in both snowboard and ski races, listed in order of top team point scorers, Rachel Rueter and Nicole Mott.

Jim Tullos, Dennis Mellon, Cal Heard and Erik Bergman were also in the group of dual competitors. 

So next season destinations are somewhat in the air. There will be a NAASF meeting in early June to discuss what the options are. We are slated to go to Tromso, Norway in Mar 2023 for the international meet. 

Stay well and stay healthy,

Lt Dan

Julie Molano – Vice President

Wowza! What a Fantastic Ski Season! I hope you All had as much fun as I did this year. Have you seen our pictures on Facebook and instagram? Lots of fun in the mountain Sun. If you weren’t able to join us this year I sure hope you will be able to make it out next year. And bring your friends. I promise you will have a good time!

Let me tell you about one of our newcomers Clement Hirae. I assured him before the season started that he would have a great time at our Steamboat training camp and sure enough he did. He enjoyed you all so much he joined us at Taos. Then he brought some friends to Telluride. Then his family to Palisades. This is because of YOU, our Awesome, Fun TeAAm.

Let me tell you about the friends Clement brought to Telluride. New Hire Airbus pilot “Rookie of the Year” Nicole Mott. OMG can she ski! Nicole had only been with the company one month when she joined us at Telluride with her Mom and I think we have her hooked on the competition and the friends she has made at AA. Now let me tell you about Clements wife, Arlene, who joined us at Palisades. She had such a good time with all of You that she wrote Us a poem. You can check it out on our website. What a treat for someone to take the time to show their appreciation for our TeAAm.

Thank you to ALL of our newcomers for coming out this year and welcome back to a few of you that hadn’t been to a meet in awhile. It was great to see your smiles and it was fun to watch you compete again. Come back again next year and let’s get our trophy back from Delta!

Congratulations Greg Gilger for winning the “Spirit of American” Tuck award for your hard work keeping the clubs finances in order and your dedication on and off the mountain. Greg consistently races for the A’s and and is always smiling and having a good time. Sometimes you can catch him skiing in his boxers. He’s always a great sport. Congrats Greg!

The end of the year “Tuck” party was a big hit this year. It’s an AA ski & snowboard club tradition the last ski week of the year. Thank you Nathan Green for hauling all of those beverages halfway across the country to share with All of the teams. You haven’t been to a tailgate party until you’ve been to a “Tuck” tailgate party.

Look for our emails this summer regarding updates to our website, training camp in December and our trip to Norway next March. Looking forward to seeing some of you in Steamboat in April. Ski you soon

Dennis Mellon – Snowboard Captain

Palisades/Squaw. With this being the last race of the season. Mother nature had some interesting challenges for the snowboard teams. Monday  was cloudy and visibility was very low. We made the best of it . Although my advice was to take it slow. We trained for a while then convened at the tram for drinks and fun. But wait we all had a date to see the bounty from Telluride where Delta showed to the finish just 8 points short. The spectacle was grand. As the Delta team descended with our banner in hand. 

Tuesday is race day for us snowboarders and newcomers. Good ole mother nature had more in store for our pow hounding lot she woke up early and dumped 6 inches on the course and continued all day. The race department was wonderful.  Having the A and B racers give our course a never ending snow plow.

 After the first run we were sitting pretty Cal had done well and I think I was 5th. Jim had fallen. Hollie was in second Rachel had also had a good run and Nicole and Paula were competitive as well.Luckily after that first run when approached by Delta for a Double or nothing wager. Not having any idea what that could possibly include i declined. Cal improved his second run time as did the entire Delta team. Jim and I however did not. The women did well. But could not make up enough points that we lost because I fell. Yes thats racing folks!

Now we have to listen to Delta tell all the Jokes. Yes yes I did indeed cry at the awards ceremony when I saw Mike Pearson of Delta raise MY trophy way up high. So on to Steamboat, a perfect time and place to invite new members to learn to race. Till next year


KJ Johnson - A Team Captain

Thank's for an another awesome year!  We came up a little short for the NAASF Cup, but we were able to hang on to and keep the Bob Powers NAASF A Cup.  Congratulations and thank you to all the A teamer's who made that happen.
We started the season at Taos New Mexico and finished that week in second place to Delta, down 13 points.  Our next event was Telluride Colorado.  We finished that week ahead of Delta and beat them by 16 points for the week.  We entered our third and final week at Palisades Tahoe in a dead heat with Delta.  We took care of business in Tahoe and beat Delta by 34 points to win the A Cup by a total of 37 points for the year.  Great job Team!
Your Women's A team members who raced this season are Kathy Lambert Wood, Jan MacKown, Na Stewart, Ellen Wardrop, Rachel Reuter, Denise Connell and our newest member Nicole Mott.  Thank you ladies and great job by all.
Your Men's A team members who raced this season are Rick Schreiner, Fred Strauss, Raybo MacKown, Jim Tullos,  Mike Williams, Scott McKee, Nathan Boy Toy Green, Jim Hershey, Bjorn Vandug, Greg Gilger, Austin Norton and myself.  Thanks Gentlemen.

Delta will be definitely be looking to try and take the Cup for next year.  I am sure that all of you will be ready and able to kick their butt again.  Thanks again to a job well done and can't wait to see you all again next season.  I will be back and good as new.

Steve Amoia - "B" team Captain

The 2022 race season is officially over. If you haven't heard we lost our 13 years sweep of all the race cups.We didn't lose it all, since we won the "A" cup. Delta did manage to win the other two cups.We did win the Delta AA bet in February. The Delta team came through with their promise and did some skimpy attire skiing right down to the happy hour spot. KJ was there for some last minute instruction on how to do it. But in the end Delta managed to pull through with enough points to take two of three cups.

Here are the "B" racer totals for the year. It's the top three in each race.



  • Eric Kowalski - 53
  • Jeffrey Gilbert - 19
  • Steve Amoia - 19
  • John Quinn - 18
  • Dan Rigterink - 16


  • John Quinn - 39 
  • Ted Rutherford - 37
  • Steve Amoia - 32


  • Eric Kowalski - 54
  • Don Oakes - 19
  • Steve Amoia - 18
  • Chris Liu - 16
Steve Sperber - 15



  • Jana Sin - 39
  • Ellen Garvey - 38
  • Carol Kerr - 37


  • Nicole Mott - 60
  • Kati Conti - 41
  • Maggie Mohr - 41


  • Maggie Mohr - 48
  • Yolanda Schwarz - 44
  • Siobhan Smith - 33



We need to congratulate all participants for a job well done. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

Jim "Chicken-man" Tullos - Social Director

This year was SIGNIFICANLY better than last year.  The advent of a much younger crowd at AA and NAASF overall is VERY encouraging.  This younger vibe made the parties “rock” and reminded me of years past.

  • Training Camp in Steamboat had much reduced COVID restrictions, good turnout, and great times.  Our Team Dinner at Ore House was a HUGE success and we welcomed quite a few new members. 
  • Moving on to Taos in January we had to deal with mandatory vaccines and indoor masks.  These restrictions were telling in that NAASF numbers were small (about 165), but the “Mask-a-Raid” party was awesome.  The bus ride with AA and NAASF club members to town set up by Gulcin was a blast and one of the “social highlights” of the week.  
  • Reduction in COVID restrictions seemed to help attendance at Telluride.  A night at the “Post” made for one of the best Monday night Welcome Parties in years.  Saying everyone looked great in their Saloon Girl (WOW) and Gentlemen Cowboys outfits would be an understatement.
  • We wrapped up the year with our lucky St. Patty’s party, our TeAAm’S  famous tailgate party in honor of our beloved Tuck, and an abbreviated “awards & roast” attended by OUR club and our many NAASF friends.

The biggest thing to take away from this year is the increase in New Comers and YOUTH that has infused fun in our parties and in our racing. 

But WAIT….there is ONE MORE event this year. We will have a Steamboat NO RACE Ski AdvenTour in April.  We currently have about 60 people signed up to ski/ride  Steamboat 2 through 10 April. 

  • No Registration Fee
  • Rooms at the Grand for as little as $129/night
  • Lift tickets for as little as $67/day
  • No minimum number of days/nights (come for all or part of the week)
  • NO RACING….just ski/ride….chill…..sit in an Adirondack chair and enjoy a beverage
  • On Mountain Picnic
  • Tailgate Party
  • Poker Run
  • Live Music EVERY day
  • End of Year activities - Pond Skim or Cardboart Classic (google these and you will see lots of videos….and fun

If you would like to join us please contact Jim Tullos ASAP….Then I will send you the “links” for the deals and include you on the “UPDATES” of what is happening at 

I hope to see YOU in April for the Steamboat NO RACE Ski/Ride AdvenTour and/or in December for AA Training Camp.

LET’S “Recapture the Cups” !!!!

Be Safe !!!  Have Fun !!!

Greg Gilger - Spirit of American  Tuck Award recipient 2022

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