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NAASF Palisades and 2022/2023 Recap

Hello AA Skiers and Boarders,

Well, you got it done. We were able to win back the NAASF cup from Delta. 1836 points against their 1831. Snowboard and womens B team really made the difference for the W. Congratulations to you all. We also won the Shredders Cup for the Snowboarders, 394 to 307 for Delta. The Bob Powers Cup for the A racers went to Delta, 801 to our 700 points.

Well, I have termed out. I have completed 2 years as President and Julie Molano will be fleeting up to President. I want to thank her for being VP for 2 years and always being attentive to the needs of the club. She has done an excellent job and will continue to do so as President. Her new VP Scott McKee is going to do an awesome job.

There are many other people to thank for making my job easier. Greg Gilger, treasurer, Kati Conti, communications, Nathan Green, webmaster, KJ Johnson, A team captain, Steve Amoia, B team captain, Ellen Garvey, new B team captain, Dennis Mellon, Snowboard captain, Jim Hersey, uniform and fitting professional, Jim Tullos, noise maker and social director.

Somehow it got out that it was my birthday on Tues 4/11. (maybe it was the header on the wakeup call?) Thank you all for the birthday wishes and singing at the team dinner. It will always be memorable for me.

See you next season at race camp,

Lt Dan President

Julie Molano Vice President 

What a fun year of skiing! Amazing snow conditions! Fantastic racing! Smashing parties! New members! What else could we ask for? 

Congratulations to Wally Brians on winning the Tuck Kelleher “Spirit of American” award.  At 75 years young, Wally steps up and races his heart out. The last few years he has shown his skill in the Nordic races at IASF and races for our B team at NAASF.  He’s always offering a helping hand and we are all very proud of him for winning this award.   

Thank you to our newcomers for coming out and scoring points for us at each meet.  Your contribution to our NAASF cup is very much appreciated.  We Love your competitive spirit and we hope you come out and join us next year.  Let’s AALL step up and recruit our coworkers to join us next year.  

Thank you, President Lt. Dan for your hard work and calm demeanor these past few years.  It’s been fun being your sidekick.  I am looking forward to serving the club next year as President.  Keep your new and fresh ideas coming and let’s make next year Fantastic. 

Dennis Melon Snowboard team Captain

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you haven’t already done so, go to the face book group page NAASF at PALISADES 2023. I am still posting videos. The Tuck/ welcome party was one of the liveliest events we’ve had in a while. Our traditional order for the racing had to be altered to accommodate the FIS races. Turns out to be a great thing. Got to ride and explore the mountain on Monday with our skiing friends then train on Tuesday. Oh!!! We ended up on Julia’s Run as well. A true FIS venue. With spring conditions, it became very challenging for everybody. The snowboard videos taken by Patricia Jordan are fantastic and will be posted soon. 

Ok for those still wondering. Yup we did it. We took back the shredder’s Cup! We did it in style, we helped our competitors, in true sportsmanship. We cheered as loudly for them as we did for ourselves. In the end though it took every one of us to contribute points to the team that won the cup for us.  

In other news, they say it’s good to go out on top. So with that in mind, and some other things. I am stepping down from being the AA Snowboard Team Captain. It has been a great run, together we have won the championship a few times. I even managed to squeak out an individual season championship. We have spent our nights partying and our days shredding mountains near and far. Thank you to the best teammates. Cal Heard has volunteered to step up and take over the reins. I will still be around, just doing other things.

Kent KJ Johnson - A Team Captain

All I can say is Wow!  What an amazing year for the AA Ski & Snowboard Team.  I would like to congratulate everyone on the team for a job well done.  We are the 2023 NAASF overall Champions.  We took the NAASF Cup back from Delta, the 2022 Champions. We won by a total of 5 points. As far as I know, it was the closest margin of victory in the history of NAASF.

We had an awesome A team this year.  We raced as hard as we could in challenging conditions but came up a little short this year for the Bob Powers A Cup.  Congratulations to Delta for winning the Cup.  They skied great.

I would like to thank all of our A racers who contributed this year.

This year's women’s team was Na Stewart, Kathy Lambert Wood, Ellen Wardrop, Nicole Mott, Eva Lemley & our newest member Maggie Mohr.  I would especially like to recognize Maggie.  Maggie showed up in Palisades expecting to race B’s for the week.  There had been a scoring error from the previous two races and Maggie was informed on Tuesday evening that she had pointed out of B’s and would be racing A’s.  She showed up for the A GS race on Wednesday morning all excited and ready to race.  Great job Maggie and a big welcome to the A team!

On the men’s side, a big shout out to all of our competitors who raced this season: Greg Gilger, Jim Hershey, Austin Norton, Bjorn Vandug, Scott McKee, Mike Williams, Eric Jenson, Rick Schreiner, Nathan Green, Jim Tullos, Fred Strauss & Raybo MacKown.

Again, I cannot thank all of our racers enough for their individual sacrifices at each & every event.  You all Rock!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer and I can’t wait to see you all on the slopes next season!

Ellen Garvey - B Team Captain

Thank you Palisades 2023 Super Beees!

YOU came, you skied, you conquered Delta... and had fun doing it! Great Spring Skiing was enjoyed by all. Getting you all out there in our great effort was the difference between winning and losing. I’m so pumped to be a part of this group!

Men on Super Beees contributed 86 team points. Thank you Scott Ingraham, Paul Mahannah, Don Oakes, Dan Rigterink and Steve Sperber!

Our lady Beees contributed 123 team points. Thank you Patty Jordan, Carol Kerr, Nicole Patigler and Jana Sinn!

That’s a total of 209 points (38%) contributed to our overall total points 553 for Palisades.  Your efforts definitely pushed us over the top to beat Delta by 5 points.

A shout out to our newcomers who bravely stepped up... Scott Ingraham, Thomas O'Conner, and Nicole Patigler.  Nicole and Scott scored team points for us.  Way To Go Nicole and Scott!!!

Another special VIP recognition goes out to Joanie Barretto for Joining in on the fun… she was former AA Ski & Snowboard Club President 1990-1991 and an awesome skier.  Thanks Joanie.

Thanks to All of our other Super Bees that raced and or supported our win; 

Barb Bowen, Carolyn Carman, Kristin Carmichael, Denise Connell, Gulcin Gilbert, Laurie Hansen, Carla Hoffman, Julie Molano, Lisa Ritchey, Rebekah Vitale, Emme White.

Bob Antal, Randy Dolan, Clement Hirae, Ron Hislop, Chris Liu, Kevin Lynch, Brandon McFadden, Andy Nystrom, Thomas O'Connor, Wayne Olmstead, Tom Stone, Chad Wright. 

To all of you, I’m looking forward to a great 23/24 season! Have fun in the meantime, and we’ll have lots of fun coming up in the next ski season.

Julie  Molano 2023-2024 President

Scott McKee 2023-2024 Vice President


  Snowboard Shredders Cup Winners!!

Wally - Spirit of American "Tuck" Winner!


Monday Night Welcome Party!

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