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Hello AA Skiers and Boarders,

So if it’s not one thing it’s another. At Taos we had lots of snow and avalanche mitigation. At Steamboat on Wed, we had high winds, low wind chills (-40 or so) and lots of debris to clean up. Steamboat never did not open and I think it was a good decision.

That meant on Thursday we had two days of racing jammed into one day. Again we, the race crews, TDS and the A and B skiers, got it done. It was a beautiful blue bird day with excellent snow and great race courses. Thanks to everyone for doing their part.

The team captains will detail their races. In the big picture the B women and snowboarders are making a big difference for the season championships.
Thanks again to Cal Heard, room mom or Ted, and Jim Tullos, Naasf Steamboat coordinator. Also thank you to Ellen Garvey for stepping up to be B team Captain and thank you to Steve Amoia for your years of service. See you in Tromso.

Lt Dan

Julie Molano – Vice President

It’s so much fun for me to watch our membership grow year to year but more importantly I am thrilled to see our new members return within the same year.  It proves to our membership that we are the place to be and the ones to hang out with! Kudos to you AAS&SB. 

In Steamboat we had 6 brand new members join us as well a returning member who hadn’t raced with us since the 90’s.  Thank you to our father/son duo Pat and Kyle Patterson, Jason Jarvis, Nejia Jones, Stephanie Taylor, Tiffany Wendt and our returning member Eva Lemley.

Thank you to all of you that participated in the Mark Ralston “Big Helmet” Raffle and a Big Thank You to Michelle Antal and Sheryl Guth for taking charge of the raffle table.  We raised over $2000 and this helps us support our continuing effort to offer the “Big Helmet” award to our newcomers.  Congratulations to Pat Patterson on being the recipient of this award at Steamboat.  We hope you will join us in Tahoe in April or one of our events next year in 2024.  

It’s that time of year again for nominations and votes.  An email will coming out in the next few weeks soliciting nominations for VP for our club next year as well as nominations for the John “Tuck” Kelleher Spirit of AA award which exemplifies someone with dedication and spirit toward our club. Our executive committee has nominated Scott Mckee for VP next year but you or anyone you know can jump in the game, just follow the guidelines in the upcoming email.  

Norway is right around the corner and I know I will see many of you there.  If not, ski you in Tahoe!  

Dennis Melon - Snowboard team Captain

Well, we managed to stretch our lead a little over Delta.  For the ladies, Hollie took 2nd Jennifer took 4th and Amanda took 5th and still in the top ten was Paula. For the guys, our newbie Kyle, took 4th, Cal took 5th and Jim took 6th Brian too was in the top ten. Me well I was off in the corner complaining about my wax. Great job all! Hopefully we can hold off the competition At Palisades. Even though many of us can’t make it to the WASC competition in Tromso, Norway, we should still have a very strong team.  Things like sick family members (We love you Ben), Getting Married on the other side of the planet, or even searching for Davy Jones’ Locker right there in Steamboat, yes, they are getting hit with even more snow right now!!!

 For Tromso, we will have Hollie, Tamara (AKA Toma), hopefully Amanda and Joice who has volunteered to take on the role of making sure that she finishes to get the team points. For the guys We will have Cal, myself and then a blast from the past...... can we smell what the Rock is cooking? Duane, and our insurance policy Jeffry. It’s a whole lot of fun when we get to grace the stage with our European competitors.

Kent KJ Johnson - A Team Captain

Hope everyone had a wonderful time in Beautiful Steamboat.  The weather was amazing on Monday and Tuesday for our training sessions.  Then came race day on Wednesday.  Snow and 50 MPH winds closed the mountain for the entire day.  We all went to Fuxi’s shop @ the Double Diamond Bar and enjoyed a day at the Pub.  I want to thank our race director Suzy Danielson for pulling off all the races for both A’s and B’s on Thursday.  Amazing job Suzy.  We started our Thursday morning with the A race on the challenging All Out race hill.  We did 2 runs on the same course.  After finishing the GS, we headed over to upper Bashor to complete our SL race.  Want to thank all of our racers who competed at the Boat.  Shout out to our women’s team, new member Eva Lemley, Na Stewart, Nicole Mott, Ellen Wardrop and rock star Kathy Lambert Wood.

In the GS, Eva was 4th, Na was 6th, Nicole was 8th, Ellen was 10th and Kathy was 12th.

In the GS, Eva was 5th, Nicole was 7th, Na was 9th, Ellen was 10th and Kathy was 12th.

Great job ladies.  Our men’s team was myself, Bjorn Vandug, Greg Gilger, Jim Hershey, Nathan Green, Jim Tullos and Fred Strauss.  In the GS, I was 4th, Bjorn was 6th, Greg was 13th, Hershey was 15th, Nathan was 20th, Jim T was 21st and Fred was 22nd.  In the SL race, Bjorn was 1st, I was 4th, Greg was 9th, Hershey was 15th, Jim T was 19th, Nathan was 20th and Fred was 21st.  Awesome job men and especially Bjorn for the victory.  After Taos and Steamboat we are currently in second place and 77 points behind Delta for the A cup.  We have our work cut out so let’s kick butt in Palisades.  Hope everyone who’s going to Norway has a blast and see you all in Palisades.

Ellen Garvey - B Team Captain

Great job all you Super Beeees!

My first day on the job as B team Captain would have been Wednesday.  As I watched the howling wind continue, I must say I wasn’t very interested in standing out there to cheer you all on.  Sorry!

Thursday, however, what a great job by everyone. The race committee, all you racers, getting both G/S and slalom done with two runs (and no wind blasting us) what a beautiful day it was!
Starting with the ladies, kudos to Maggie Mohr, Neija Jones for the top 2 spots, and Patty Jordan in 5th place.  In Group 2, Jennifer Naylor, Sheryl Guth and Jana Sinn nailed the top three spots. Carol Kerr took 1st in Group 3. Congratulations to newcomer Tiffany Wendt for her 14th place.

Slalom was just as strong. Nejia Jones, Maggie Mohr, and Patty Jordan nailed the top three spots in women’s slalom. Also, in Group 2 we took the top 3 spots. Congrats go to Jana Sinn, Sheryl Guth and Jennifer Naylor (not just a snowboarder!). Carol Kerr and I managed to take the top spots for Group 3.

A big welcome to the new guy, Trent Briggs, who took second place in the men’s G/S and 5th in slalom using his powder skis.  Steve Pozsonyi took second in Group 2 for both G/S and slalom. John Quinn, Dan Rigterink and Ted Rutherford had a strong showing for Group 3, all in the top 6.

See you all in Norway or Palisades!

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