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Words of a Newcomer

It is the season for skiing and snowboarding, on mountains covered with snow…

AA Ski and Snowboard Club members are seriously contemplating on where we should go? 

With flying benefits... and associations with other airline ski clubs, the location of the mountain resort, it doesn't really matter;

An objective of some of the members is to see who can come down the mountain faster; with slalom downhill times to shatter.

 Indeed, there is a lot to do at ski week for members of the AA Ski and Snowboard Club, 

Activities include meeting new people, raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis, partying, and après ski gatherings at the nearby slope side pub.    

Racing is something many members do, but free skiing is an option for those who don’t want to ski down fast… 

Although it doesn’t matter if you ski or not, you are there to support other skiers; no doubt you are going to have a “Blast”. 

Ski weeks number about three per year, with race training planned for December 2022 at Colorado’s Steamboat Springs;

Lessons are available to assist on the racing technique, however going downhill fast is not guaranteed, only Red Bull can give you wings!

The officers and volunteers of the club are grand, a lot of work and time is given for planning and organizing, I know there is so much to do;

How they are able to do their everyday jobs, and still plan the ski weeks so great; I haven’t a clue.  

Dan, Julie, Jim, and Nathan, just to name a few, your announcements, the morning call emails, and the telling of the auctioning of the ski skin suits at AA’s Celebrity Ski; 

The great success of this wonderful club is due, in part, to you great folks, your care and dedication is for sure, the key. 

Thank you Thank you, to all the officers and folks of the AA Ski and Snowboard Club, and to the NAASF, and to the RAA, as a “newcomer’, I couldn’t help but draft a poem for you, with rhyme; 

A skier I am not, but meeting such wonderful people and conversing with all, I had a really great and wonderful TIME!

Thank you very much

Arlene Hirae 

American Airlines Ski & Snowboard Club

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