Hello and Happy Holidays to AA Skiers and Boarders,


Race camp was a blast and the team dinner was outstanding. To paraphrase Snapper Quinn, the conditions were the worst in recent memory but it was the best race camp ever. Thanks to all that worked so hard to get it done notably Jim Tullos, Julie (call me Thelma) Molano, Nathan Green, Jim Hersey and Greg Gilger. Work is progressing for our next event in Taos.

Stay well, be safe and lets plan for a Happy and Healthy New Year, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Lt. Dan



From: Julie Molano, Vice President

Once again, we had another successful and fun-filled Steamboat training camp.  A big Thank you to Jim Tullos for pulling all of the pieces together.  Not an easy task while trying to do the Snow Dance at the same time.  Despite the snow conditions a good time was had by all. 

Congratulations to our 2 winners of the Mark Ralston “Big Head” award. Newcomers Andre Halvorsen and Nick Young won the drawing for a paid registration at a future 2021/2022 NAASF week. We had 20 new members join us at Steamboat and it was a pleasure to meet you all.  Thank you to All that came.  Come join us again, there is a lot more fun to be had and a lot of new friends to make.  

Happy New Year and I am looking forward to seeing you all in Taos.  

P.S.  Thank you for all of the fun responses to my Ski boot offer from the classified section of our new website.  Yes, they are available to anyone that wants them but more importantly I want to bring awareness to the classified section.  Anyone can post ski items they wish to trade, sell, buy or give away.  It’s a fun way to recycle our used ski gear. Check it out.



From: Greg Gilger, Club Treasurer

What an awesome training camp at Steamboat!!!  I think we can all agree that the new website was a success and made paying for dinners and swag a lot more streamlined.  I want to say thank you to everyone that pre paid for their dinners online.  This small effort makes our job so much easier and gives us a more accurate headcount for the restaurants, so again thank you.

Steamboat by the Numbers

  • Total Attendies - 117
  • AA members - 92
  • Guests - 25
  • Ore House Breakdown - Total $5500 for 110 guests
  • Club took in $5001 difference $499

Your club covered the difference in cost because the actual meal was $50 per head. We also had some donations to cover the costs of the instructor dinners.


We raised an amazing $2,532 in raffle sales which will go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

  • Uniform Sales - $1253
  • Trucker Hats - $15
  • Old Jacket - $285 (we sold a used one that KJ donated as well as a new one)
  • Neck Wrap - $51
  • Flannel Shirt - $50
  • New Jackets - $810
  • Patches - $42

Great seeing everyone for the early season conditions, and look forward to Taos in the upcoming weeks.